Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deborah Dupre: A Pathological Liar Using the Internet to Conduct Character Assassination

Why does allow a proven and serial prevaricator - DEBORAH DUPRE - to commit character assassination?

It is an extremely sad state of affairs when paid citizen 'reporters' are allowed to fabricate stories out of thin air and then post these defamation of character pieces on the internet with apparent impunity.  There have been a flurry of lawsuits recently filed and won by those who have been victims of this sordid behavior.  One such case, which has yet to be litigated, is that of Deborah Dupre, a self avowed 'human rights advocate' who uses her platform at to launch falsehood-ridden tirades against those with whom she disagrees or doesn't like.  She utilizes her poison pen to commit character assassination against any victim she chooses, and publishes them on her reporter's page at to give her contemptible journalism the veneer of real reporting. is a division of Clarity Media Group, LLC one of Philip Anschutz's online businesses.  It has been brought to the attention of and in particular, Deborah Shinbein, Legal Counsel, that they have a rogue reporter on their payroll.  However, just like Penn State, they refuse to admit the existence of a serial offender in their midst; in this case, one who destroys reputations, ruins careers and causes irreparable harm to innocent people.  Where Penn State chose to never take the appropriate action which would have prevented much pain and suffering among the youth who were victimized in that pedophilia scandal, will be forced to confront their gross negligence before the perpetrator continues her internet-based crime spree.

Deborah Dupre is currently under an investigation for crimes which rise to the level of a criminal prosecution for defamation of character by libel and slander.  Therefore, and its various agents will likewise be held accountable, in both the criminal and civil arenas, for harboring such a miscreant and providing her an umbrella of legitimacy.  The internet is fraught with thoroughly depraved characters like Dupre; therefore, ANONYMOUS for Responsible Internet Journalism will proceed with an unprecedented internet campaign to ferret out those who use the internet to libel and slander the innocent, the courageous and those who have been unjustly injured for life.

For those uninitiated in the workings of such sociopathic behavior and psychopathic personalities the following website of Deborah Dupre displays the shocking audacity with which she seeks to divert attention from her despicable misdeeds.  The site is entitled Target Individuals Canada (TIC) and presents Dupre as one who has been "targeted by organized stalking and electronic harassment as well as people who supports the TI community and who believe these criminal activities are a violation of human rights legislations in Canada and around the globe." So, here we have an individual who routinely engages in abusive internet conduct, which has been construed by many as knowingly disseminating falsehoods, plagiarism, and criminal defamation of character among other serious transgressions.  Then, she hides behind the cloak of what appears to be a very legitimate and well meaning organization such as TIC.

Clearly the time has come to expose this charade for what it is.  And, to reveal the truth about why, really, has willfully chosen to protect one who has been proven to be a "Pathological Liar, Serial Plagiarist and Character Assassin".  We perform this service with the hope that others will be saved from such destructive and malevolent behavior.  Many feel that Deborah Dupre, like those who were directly involved with the Penn State scandal, ought to be in prison far away from a computer where she can no longer assassinate any individual she targets.

Enough is enough, and we call upon those responsible at and Clarity Digital Group to take the appropriate measures rather than participate in a conspiracy to defame the good name of those who serve their communities honorably.

For those who might cross paths with Dupre in the future here is the photo that she often posts on the internet.

 However, the following picture appears to be a much more current so as not to be caught unaware.

In closing, ANONYMOUS for Responsible Internet Journalism has chosen to use the example of Deborah Dupre (and by association of what will, categorically, no longer be tolerated in the future.  If the Internet is to remain a place of civil discourse, debate and dissemination then "internet writers gone mad" cannot be allowed to take over this vitally important public forum.  We have already seen what happens when the craziest among us have taken over the asylum in many other spheres of life.

MEMO to: Deborah Shinbein, Rick Blair and Philip Anschutz

FROM: ANONYMOUS for Responsible Internet Journalism

RE: Guilty by Association

Date: December 28, 2011

As the officers-in-charge of both and Clarity Media Group, LLC it is incumbent upon you to take the appropriate remedial measures regarding the concerned Examiner, Deborah Dupre.  It is our understanding that, not only have you failed in this regard, but you have willfully enabled the ongoing conduct of this rogue citizen reporter.

Therefore, please be aware that each of you will be be held personally responsible for her flagrant misconduct.  Exactly how your individual accountability, as well as corporate accountability, will be dealt with will soon be revealed.  Please be aware that since all three of you are now privy to this criminal behavior (which ought to be completely unacceptable to every alternative news website) your culpability and complicity will increase with each passing week.

Likewise, our response to your inaction will proportionately increase and ....